Saturday, 6 August 2011


This gem of the west is home to louie the little asian man's bonsai/corner shop

Us West End Gurls would go there in tenth grade after discovering it during our free periods, hadn't gone back in around a year, and never actually spoke to the little asian man chillin behind the counter cause we would usually only ever flower pick jewlerry from his fridge and eat his ice cold ice cream during the summer time.

so four years later, after all that good shit, we found ourselves back in the west, back in that very bonsai shop, chillin with that very same little asian man named Louie.

We started askin him a few questions.......heres how it all went down (from what our language barriers allowed us to understand):

Where are you from? Vietnam, I lived there until I was 30, I graduated from university over there in 1970, studied philosophy and worked for the Government.
Why did you come to oz? to escape capitalism
Where did you first live? in 1978 in East hills, army reserve camp for the first vietnamese refugees with My brother who now lives in canley vale
What was your first job? in a factory in padstow
How long have you lived in the west? 30 years
Where do you live now? chester hill
How long has bonsai shop been open? 15 years
Familia? wife, two girls, one son
How many trees have you grown/sold? 3, 4, 5 000
Do you like working here? yes nice n easy, I own all the shops on the block so I dont need to pay rent To myself which is good because corner shops are starting to die.
Are the people who come into your store friendly? yes they very nice but like every business i have good days and bad days.
Do you enjoy living in western sydney? yes this is where i know, i am not super rich i am a second class people, people not from western sydney think i from cabramatta but i not even from there. this is sad about people who dont live in western sydney they dont know. we have good life here, nice life not all like on news.

Louie louie then took us out back and showed us the bonsai trees he keeps caged. Man oh man, these are some of the best kept and most affordable bonsai trees in town ranging from $20 - +$150.

While we hung out back with the baby trees he cooked us up some fish n chips ($7)

Louie then played us some sweet tunes on his acoustic guitar as we rummaged through his fridge of random shit lookin for random shit to buy to make up for all the flower pickin' we did back in the day.

We settled on the purchases of fish n chips, onion rings, an asian heart necklace and a glass patterned weight.
It set us back an entire 15.50$.

"i am samuraii" - Louie 2011
We then went and had a little picnic on the side of the shop...good times...

 They were some sick chips! Up until this visit we had thought the fish n chips sign was a happy it was for real although the fish was lacking the chips made up for em in everyway. The onion rings were also pretty damn excellent.

Goodbye Bonsai its gonna rain!!!!!

Bonsai Shop Details:
opening hours: 7-7 erryday except sunday
81 Albert St, Guildford West

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  1. awesome post, just visited the shop today and purchased a bonsai the trees in your picture are still there today sad to see a dying art.