Monday, 8 August 2011


We know what you're (most probably) thinking.......whats there to even do in the west at night? what (most probably) comes to your uncultured mind is the idea of getting s3xy at the roxy or stoned in your government housing block NIGGA!

BUT what you, person of cultureless mind, mustn't have realised is that we in the west brought the kebab down under. yeah thats right, we brought arab food to australia, from the middle east to the western suburbs to that same kebab stores you buy ya kebabs from n  scoff down after you party it up and theyre open all night long baby and so in typical westside manner we visited two of the most notorious kebab shops of the west....located within a 5 m radius of each other....

So here's how our interview with the Arab chilla at Granville Kebab House went down:
Us: Hey man
Arab: You girls aren't from the area are youse?
Us: Yeah we live in Merrylands man who r you?
Arab: I'm a very important person round here
Us: Oh for real? which kebab place do you prefer? 
Arab: I own them both i'm very imortant, are you girls single?
Interview over........
At GRANVILLE KEBAB HOUSE we decided on the purchase of a chicken, mushroom and cheese pide from both stores to see which would b we ate the fresh lookin pide, didnt really taste that good...tasted boring with like the smallest amount of cheese in it which sucks.

We ate the pide with chilli sauce and bbq sauce. rating- 4/10.

This store was made up of images of the middle east and was overall green in colour, the young workers were pretty friendly too not once telling us off for smackin their asses so that was cool of them.


At GRANVILLE SOFRA KEBABS we got served our chicken, mushroom and cheese pide, the worker attempted to handle the food in this store after holding his cigarette, we were cool with that but told him for future reference u wash ur hands before u do that next time ay man. 

sign still covered in plastic for protection

owner of both the stores

The decor in this store was pretty fucken random. The walls were tiled like a bathroom that set a bit of a sexy mood.

yeah cousins and relos r two different things..didnt ya know?

The pide here was in a slightly different shape and was not presented to us on a plate instead it was given to us in a paper bag which we like because we can relate to their laziness and understand completely why they wouldnt wanna clean a plate at that hour or anytime really har har anyway... this pide was way better i dunno y.... they were both $4 and the shops are owned by the same person but it was just better i guess it had slightly more cheese. rating 5/10.

We not gonn' lie both places were pretty shit...the people were a lil freaky but like the pide was better at granville sofra kebab so in this battle they win and if u r desperate for some pide on a saturday night in granville go there and not granville kebab house they r cheese tight asses.

So we farewelled them islam bithces and left em watching drunk fob sluzzas sing along to kylie minogue tryin to seduce them with they sexxxay la la...

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