Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hidden in a creepy yellow brick building on parramatta rd, auburn, 
across the road from the reading cinemas is 
AKA a time warp back to the 90s via. candy

ignore the cheap lookin building, cause the lollies ain't that cheap!

in reality they're really quite cheap 
BUT they're not really, considering the fact that
most of these lollies expired in 1996

^^the melted ice cream spray candy was literally melting
out of the box in a typical west end fashion

however once you're able to find it in your heart to look past the expiry 
dates and decide not to consume the food, we are 150% certain that the blast from the 
past in the form of 90s candy will be a worthwhile experience

especially these RAP N' ROCK collectable bubblegum packets
featuring the likes of madonna, salt n' pepper, ice cube, paula abdul,
blondie, run dmc, prince and many many more sure to be a hit
on any playground/office cubicle and a sure way to make new friends

^^^cotton candy bubble gum!!!!!!!!! 
remember that? huh? HUH?!

99 Parramatta Road,
Auburn NSW

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