Saturday, 10 September 2011


My earliest memory of Merrylands Rd's Cake It Away store was in high school in the west when our grade nine commerce teacher told us about the time she was hired as a training employee for like 2 weeks when really she was hired to do all the shit work for no money then told she didm't get the job.......which is pretty typical of the west i guess......

This is cake it away at night time, where in the not so distant distance you can hear the merry merrylands alcoholics and underage catholic school girls gettin their drank on from the lil bottler probably only cause they have $3 wine and the shop is owned by a lebo family (matez ratez).....but anyway the platform steps of Cake It Away, at night time, is where we like to eat our pizza hut pizza with the live entertainment of sexy lebo cars pumpin out sexy lebo beats 

Also once my mum bought a cake from here and it was nice-ish, AND i heard my sister's teacher bought pavlova and it was pretty damn excellent

and they're all my memories of Merrylands Rd Cake It Away. 
it's merry
it's on a road
it's Cake
what more could you possibly ask for? HUH?


*UPDATE (19/5/2012)*
WEG regrets to inform you that the platform steps of Cake It Away blew away in a freak storn the other night. Not literally blew away but collapsed or something like that. WEG are yet to witness the extent of the damage and will probably just avoid going here from now on in order to minimise the grief caused by the loss of these platform steps..... Time to find another chill spot...............

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