Saturday, 10 September 2011


There are at least 7 great things about the 'Greater Union Blacktown Twin Drive In's'.

 And so the countdown begins...

7. It is the only one in a large geographical area

The strange thing about this particular drive in is that it is actually the ONLY drive in within the whole Sydney area. The west is actually the place to be, if you don't think the drive in is a good enough excuse to live here... then I don't know what is!

6. Cheap $$$$$$$$$$

This place is seriously CHEAP AS CHIPS! At any other inside cinema you pay at least $16 for a student ticket, at this drive in, you literally pay $12 for 2 movies! That's right.. TWO MOVIES! TWO ENTIRE FULL LENGTH MOVIES!!!!!!! That means you are only paying $6 for a movie! Talk about more bang for your buck! If you wanna be ultra badass, and super tight ass, then you can also sneak a person in through your boot! This is a FULL PROOF idea as the workers are too 'we- don't-give-a-shit' to care, they also live in Blacktown which could also be a contributing factor???

5. Down the road from 'The Royal Cricketers Arms Hotel'

Fancy website...  This place is actually FAMOUS to maybe people who enjoy cricket? I am not too sure but I can tell you that this place is super chill and is pretty fancy for Blacktown, they make really great food and in all seriousness, you HAVE to eat here before you watch your movie! But seriously, it is the only place to get real food from within 10 km of the drive ins! And on the plus side, if you park your car right on the hill in front of the hotel and can read lips, you just scored yourself a free movie... and not so free dinner!

4. Dark enough to sneak into

The drive in's are scarily easy to sneak into! All you have to do is drive in thru the exit and you are SET! The fellow drive in-er's will happily give you the radio station to which the audio of the movie is playing on as well! It is also a very easy place to go and have some sex.

3. Great 'Old School' Atmosphere

This place is heaps old school, which means be prepared for dodge-ville! The signs are discoloured and from the entrance to the canteen to the popcorn to the exit, I assure you, you don't have to worry about catching a disease or dyeing! It is all in the experience! The toilets are actually a replica from the movie 'Grease' drive in scene, and although the toilets were never shown in the movie, if you imagine them about 20 years old, well... you get the picture! 

2. You can score free tics to an indoor Greater Union (which is actually Events outside of Blacktown)

You may ask what could be so great about a seriously dodgy drive in cinema, well you will be shocked to discover that the Drive In's are probably one of the best places to go on a cold, windy and 100% sure it will rain night! If you wait long enough for the screen to be incapable of watching due to fog and the rain to take over, you will be presented with free tickets to ANY events/greater union cinema! YES, FREE! SCORE! If you took our advice and snuck in through the exit, then you just received 3 FREE movies in ONE night!

1. It is in the West

Enough said.

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