Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Are you totally bummed that winter 2012 in the west side has been more like summer in the sahara desert (may have slighty exaggerated that)? CAUSE WE AREN'T!! WEG live for summer and usually hibernate come freezing cold winter time but anyway.......there was no keeping us from Parramatta's WinterLight Festival!!!!!!!!

It's a visual feast and a delightfully odd change of the scenery of Church St Mall which usually features that one random drunk hobo that picks fights with the the chill hobos who sleep near the flower beds.

Ice skating rink is great cause if you dont particularly want to skate you can still be entertained by watching the skaters fall which is sometimes funny.....only sometimes.......

Locals of the west kickin back with the live entertainment

Most amazingly festive food stall run by Robert and his wife of October Fest Hut
Their Bavarian Bratwurst is seriously grilled to absolute perfection so if you don't like winter or lights, you must visit the west's WinterLight for the bratwurst, seriously.

Vivid lighting

30/6/2012 - 15/6/1012
Parramatta Town Hall

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