Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Our WEG friend's crib is the best in the west.
She is the creator of the fully sick crafty goodness you're about to witness so brace yo' self before you wreck yo' self son....................

Coy fish swimming in her swimming pool

Pimpin purple octopus and cherry broch - handmade by our one and only west end gurl

Handmade flowers & strawberries & etc.

Some more yum knitted strawberries and berries

 Some shrooms


Creepy dolls cold chillin' 

Knitted roses, tea cosy,  chilli peppers, strawberries, octopus and cherries

Nicest ever cherry brooch gift!

And that's a wrap.
This crib is pretty hip,
and is in the west,
therefore the west is hip.

If you'd like us to hook you up with one of these beauties leave a comment below with you're email address and we'll a brother out

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